Sunday, April 17, 2011

Puduraya Berwajah Baru..

Ri Khamis aku lik kampung..macam biasa la aku kena tunggu bas kat Hentian Duta..then aku ada ternampak banner nie...seperti gambar di bawah..

dipendekkan ceria hentian duta akan ditutup operasinya pada 16 April 2011 manakala Puduraya akan dibuka start pada 16 April 2011. Ini bermakna puduraya dah pun beroperasi sejak semalam.

Puduraya Terminal Resumes Operation This Saturday

KUALA LUMPUR, April 14 (Bernama) -- The Puduraya terminal, after being closed for a year for upgrading and renovation works, will resume operations this Saturday.

UDA Holdings Berhad managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said the works, 98 per cent completed, were now in the final stage with the wiring and ventilation system to suck out the exhaust fumes being done, as requested by the Land Public Transport Commission and Kuala Kumpur City Hall.

"From this Saturday, all intercity buses and express buses to the north will resume their operations at Puduraya. The keys to the ticket counters have been handed over to the bus companies since yesterday," he said during a media visit to the terminal, here, Thursday.

Also present were the Federal Territories and Wellbeing Ministry's deputy secretary-general Datuk Adnan Md. Iksan and LPTC's head of state operations and terminal licensing Mohd Fuad Ahmad.

Jaafar said with the reopening of the Puduraya terminal, the temporary terminal in Bukit Jalil would be closed and the operations there to move back to Puduraya.

He said the upgrading and renovations at a cost of RM52 would provide comfort for the public with new facilities installed, such as a bigger and more comfortable waiting area, escalators, new lifts and toilets, and disabled-friendly features.

"The operations at the ticket counters on the first floor will be more systematic, and there's a foodcourt on the fourth floor while the praying area has been renovated to accommodate 400 people."

Jaafar said the facilities at Puduraya were comparable to those at the South Integrated Terminal-Bandar Tasik Selatan which began operating on March 1 for south-bound buses.

The Puduraya terminal which opened in 1976 was temporarily closed from March last year after the government found the need to upgrade and renovate it to improve the service quality and provide comfort for the public.

Meanwhile, Mohd Fuad said his ministry with the cooperation of enforcement agencies like the police, Road Transport Department and KL City Hall would be placing officers at the terminal to watch out for ticket touts and take action against them.

"We also wish to inform the public that only the ticket counters in the terminal are licensed to sell bus tickets, while tickets sold outside the terminal or by touts are illegal," he said.

p/s : macamana agaknya rupa puduraya yg terbaru nie ye? kalau ada aku share la kat sini, mslhnya aku pun xde g puduraya s0 x dapatla nak dipertontonkan pada semua huhu...

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